REO Closet

User Interface Design and Mockups for Desktop and Tablet Interface.


This online and mobile app is REO Closet. The term “REO” in the real estate world means “Bank Owned” foreclosures. So this is a site, primarily for real estate investors, utilized to find REO Homes at a great price. This web app was developed with the typical real estate investor in mind. The thought process is to be easy, direct, to the point, and fast.

Sticking with a quick and minimalistic design, the homepage is pretty straight forward. As soon as an investor logs on they are presented with an immediate call to action. Search For Foreclosures. The end user does not have to have an account to utilize this site, however they will have to create a profile to save their favorites.


The search screen immediately brings up the most popular foreclosed homes in the area. While on this screen the user can continue and view all of the homes listed, or they can decide to adjust the parameters in order to narrow down their search.

A map is embedded to show the area within town where each of the homes are located.


The search results bring up large images of the homes in their area based upon the search criteria from the previous page. If the end user is logged in to their account they can quickly add homes to their “favorites” list by tapping the “heart” above each home. To view more details about a home the user will either touch the photo or the description under the photo.


The property page gives all the pertinent information about the home; again in a really quick and minimalistic style. The bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc are all listed at the bottom of the screen and immediately pop out at the user. The price is also listed and is highlighted by a large red box so that it’s easy and quick to find.

Below the writeup of the home is a list of other comparable homes in the area, again thinking like the average investor, so that the user can quickly know if the price for this particular property is a good deal or not.

This page also includes a quick and to-the-point contact form embedded that will allow the user to immediately contact the overseer of this property.


Once again, in keeping with the theme of simplicity, the favorites page is a hybrid page that includes the user’s profile info, as well as homes that they have saved, combined into one. On this page they are also able to tweak their search criteria in case other investors want to contact them, as well as view the homes that they have saved and may be interested in purchasing. A map is also embedded within this page to show exactly what part of town the user’s saved homes are located.